Aug 7, 2011

It's L's Day and M's Postin'

Bad blogger, bad, bad blogger. One shouldn't miss 3 posts before posting 1 post...The math isn't right.

You're going to get a lot of M because L has been out of  town. Sorry dudes.But to make up for it, I'll try to post more project-y, stuff we're working on either together or apart.

The list of stuff I'd like to do in my life of DIY fashion is extensive. So, here's one project. Let's look at this as long summer term...ish...maybe.

I am currently trying to figure out the work space in my bedroom. Currently (as you can see), the desk functions as a large shelf on legs (no storage). It's a laundry-hamper-important-enough-paper-pile-stuff-in-general place. My chair is sometimes in the room and sometimes it's outside the room for extra seating. Clearly, it's not exactly used. It's just not comfy!

Taking a page out of Little Green Notebook's blog and her home office (This woman is freakin' amazing. And she might be Arizonan too. Woot woot!), I was inspired to do something similar.

I like the way she painted her desk and then the bars too. So, I will probably do something similar but I'm not sure what. It's this IKEA desk.You can imagine a before/after here:

As for the rest of the room. I like this bedding from West Elm (Eep! Pricey!). Ideally, I want a rug from my favoritest place, Anthropologie, but it's not gonna work for the price of $100 (for a 3 x 5!). So, I went to look at Urban Outfitters and found some much better priced rugs, which is what I have below. Finally, the little drawers are also from IKEA and it would go under this desk. I decided that I wanted to cover the front of the drawers with the wallpaper there (Imperial Trellis by Kelly Wearstler)

And there it is. The corner of my room will be decorated as such. If and when this project gets started, I'll be sure to post pics. But remember, llloooonnnnggg term. :D

Sorry for the delay! I'll try to get some more stuff up later. We finally got started on another book so I'll show you all the progress of that soon.

Ta ta for now!

PS Look at who made it on Yahoo's American's Best Ice Cream Places list: Sweet Republic! 

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