Jun 19, 2012

Our First Blog Feature!

To say (again) that we fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants is an understatement. So many exciting things happening at once! CRAZY! Apart from our little store opening (apologies for no banner or profile picture--see topic sentence), we just got featured at Enjoyer of Grace! She is pretty amazing. She does a lot of DIY, crafty fun and delicious stuff. PLUS, she has an adorable family. And now, she just featured us. I'm pinching myself: featured. AH! To quote (again), David after dentist , "Is this real life?"

Look! It's us! Featured! (It's starting to look like a weird word)

L and I have so. much. work. to. do. Yikes.


We posted on Etsy!!! LLOOOOOKKK:



To celebrate, here's a little DIY: The poor girl's watercolor

Dec 26, 2011

This isn't real life

I stumbled across this blog via Oh Joy! and I have decided that this lady can't be real life. She lives a grain, lactose, and sugar free existence and posts those kinds of recipes on her blog. They look amazing but I just don't understand how that even works because I love all of those items. I love them so much so I just concluded it can't be real life.

Anyways, a real post is coming soon as well as the New Year. Crazy!

Dec 18, 2011

Wrapping Made Easy

L came up with a super cute and easy way to wrap up gifts. See below. 

Adorbs, right? These little buddies were made for cookies and other such treats but I don't see why it couldn't be duplicated for regularly wrapped gifts. Keep reading for directions! 

Also, photography is not exactly in our skill set (as you have probably noticed) so just know it's on our list of "To Learn".  

Dec 11, 2011

A Crap-ton of Errors

We made a bunch of mistakes putting together these new books. In fact, a crap-ton (like stated in the title). We're perfectionists and want to make sure people only get the best so when things don't look right, they get tossed or relegated to another project. For some reason, we didn't take pictures of the sadness so I can't prove to you the errors we made. But believe me when I say there were lots of mistakes. We lost 3 envelopes and 3 sheets of paper in the carnage. While it doesn't seem like much, we're poor people. It matters.

So what do the sad and defeated do? They paint their nails. 

Of course.

We've 're on the home stretch finishing some of these books finished some of these books. Stay tuned for pics.  


Dec 4, 2011

Today we didn't cry

We're in progress of making six books! That's right six. Four because people asked nicely and two more because we thought we should and were inspired to do so. After some discussion, L and I think that we will set up this blog site here (yes, this very one) as the platform to order. More to come when we figure out the logistics. 

In the meantime, here's our productivity in picture form: 

I know we haven't gotten very far, but we are quite appreciative of all y'alls support. Thank you!


Nov 26, 2011

A Post-ish for a Day of Kindas

We're craftin' and we're feelin' something that resembles fine.

I might have mentioned in the previous post selling 4 orders for the recipe books. Muy exciting! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, dear customers!!

But now we have to assemble them (they are made-to-order!) Remember that whole thing about L and I having wonky non-matching schedules? So, we figure during this long weekend of thanks we should just bust out with ALL four of them, particularly (only) Saturday, today.

Turns out, we don't quite have the stamina for an all day thing.

Here was our goal list:

Line and tab all envelopes
Cover all books
Cut tab inserts
Eat lunch
Blog post

Here is what happened:

Line and tab all envelopes-ish
Cover all books-kinda
Cut tab inserts-yes
Eat lunch-for surely
Blog post-lookit me go!

We're chugging along here but ran into some snags, like ugly envelope liners (not ok for consumers), not having the right envelopes (boo!), buying cards instead of envelopes (we need to learn to read), and hunger.

I guess it's a good time...or something like it. Here's a picture of what we worked on (and have now tossed--it wasn't to standard).

Looking forward to food as usual,