Dec 11, 2011

A Crap-ton of Errors

We made a bunch of mistakes putting together these new books. In fact, a crap-ton (like stated in the title). We're perfectionists and want to make sure people only get the best so when things don't look right, they get tossed or relegated to another project. For some reason, we didn't take pictures of the sadness so I can't prove to you the errors we made. But believe me when I say there were lots of mistakes. We lost 3 envelopes and 3 sheets of paper in the carnage. While it doesn't seem like much, we're poor people. It matters.

So what do the sad and defeated do? They paint their nails. 

Of course.

We've 're on the home stretch finishing some of these books finished some of these books. Stay tuned for pics.  


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