Dec 18, 2011

Wrapping Made Easy

L came up with a super cute and easy way to wrap up gifts. See below. 

Adorbs, right? These little buddies were made for cookies and other such treats but I don't see why it couldn't be duplicated for regularly wrapped gifts. Keep reading for directions! 

Also, photography is not exactly in our skill set (as you have probably noticed) so just know it's on our list of "To Learn".  

You will need...a good number of items:

Paper for the tag - Paper that is cardstock weight is ideal. If it's too thin, it'll bend wonky. We went with a kraft paper.

Large circle punch (a circle shaped item for tracing would work just as well) - ours is a a good 2.75" circle  (I'm estimating)

A hole punch for eyelets, eyelets of your choosing, and setting tools (setter + hammer)

Stamps for lettering - Though pretty handwriting would also be super cute

Stamp pad 

Elastic string (You can find this at Micheal's or fabric stores. The one we used is from Paper Source)

1. Punch out a circle from your chosen paper.

2. Stamp/write your desired phrasing onto circle. Since these were treats, we decided "Om nom" and "Enjoy" were apropos.

3. Using your eyelet hole punch, punch holes at the center of the top and bottom of the circle. To be honest, I eye-balled it. But if you want to make it exact, just use a ruler. 

4. Set the eyelets. Place the pretty side of the eyelet through so it's on the worded side. The tube part should be on the back.  Using your setter, place it on the backside of the eyelet and hammer until it looks like a flower. Repeat on the other side.

5. Thread one end of the elastic string through one of the holes. 

6. With the side that is thread through, knot the string. I try not to leave much elastic on the end. You could always trim this. 

7. Take the item that you are wrapping and wrap your elastic around as you would like it to fit. Pull the elastic so that it is stretched out. However much you want it stretched out should be however much you pull it. With your finger on this stretched out elastic over your gift, cut about a centimeter more than where it's at. 

8. Thread that other end of the elastic through the other hole and knot accordingly (Looks like pictures 5 and 6).

9. Admire your newly wrapped gift.

Good job! You did it! You're so wonderful! 

Anyways, hope this was helpful. 

Happy wrapping and gifting,

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