Jun 19, 2012

Our First Blog Feature!

To say (again) that we fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants is an understatement. So many exciting things happening at once! CRAZY! Apart from our little store opening (apologies for no banner or profile picture--see topic sentence), we just got featured at Enjoyer of Grace! She is pretty amazing. She does a lot of DIY, crafty fun and delicious stuff. PLUS, she has an adorable family. And now, she just featured us. I'm pinching myself: featured. AH! To quote (again), David after dentist , "Is this real life?"

Look! It's us! Featured! (It's starting to look like a weird word)

L and I have so. much. work. to. do. Yikes.


  1. Double sweet! You should put a link to your Etsy shop on the side or something.