Jul 24, 2011

Living Social #190 Best Escape on a Hot Day?

I am late. I am sorry. What if we made this a Monday thing? Anyways, here goes:

Sweet Republic is sweet, sweet bliss. Opened by a local couple here in the Valley, they’ve developed some bomb-tastic flavors  (I realize the use of the word ‘bomb’ is showing my 90’s child colors, but see how I’ve reinvented it? It’s almost legit). While they are located quite a ways from where I frequent, but it’s totally worth the trip. I’m already scheming how to get back up there for some mas.

The flavor they are known for is the Salted Butter Caramel. But they also had neat flavors like jalapeño avocado and a watermelon sorbet (that tasted like watermelon and not a Jolly Rancher!) Some free add-on are also sea salt (which was black! I asked them why and the ice cream folk didn’t know either, but they said it was probably imported and expensive. Please note that ice cream folk were not ice cream owners because that would’ve been embarrassing if they didn’t know) as well as sprinkles and one other that I can’t remember. 

After sampling a few other flavors like the Honey Blue Cheese (I know, really? Really. The honey came through as strong as the blue cheese; and oddly it worked but not enough to get a scoop) and Almond Buttercrunch, I went with one scoop of the Almond Buttercrunch with sea salt on top. I should’ve gotten more…
Those fuzzy little black spots are actually grains of black sea salt. Hot fudge on the right with Almond Buttercrunch ice cream. So good. 

My friends also got some fun flavors too like the vanilla bean (so yum!) and coconut. But the funnest one of them all of was the toasted marshmallow topping! I wasn’t sure if they made the marshmallows in-house. They looked made because of the cut edges rather than fluffy store-round. At any rate, they toasted it right there for you with a fire-thingy and topped it on your ice cream. Big win. 

So here it is, Living Social and living fun. Come play with me!


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