Jul 19, 2011

The Very First Post

If I don’t put this up, it will never come up.

Hello friends and family as I assume you would probably be the only folks reading this (for now)!

Welcome to the blog of L &M, a written exposition of L and M’s adventures in crafting, starting their own business, and having a good time in the beautiful desert of ‘zona.

I’m not really sure where to begin. So going back to my roots of elementary school, we’ll go with the 5 W’s of who, what, where, when, and why.

Who: Well, as stated earlier, we are L and M—two friendies who have been crafting since awhile. We can probably credit L’s mom who is quite the crafter herself and whose crafting space and supplies we tend to use (but always replenish and add). She passed on the crafty bug to us when we were both pretty young (elementary school) at least and I feel that L was just born with it. Our day jobs are pretty non-related to this business, which only prompts for antics, hilarity, and general confusion. However, we have always found ourselves crafting whenever there is the opportunity. So here we are. Bloggers, wedding planners, soonish-we-hope-to-launch Etsy shop, and friendies.

What: We aim to craft and not in the tricky sense (at least, maybe not at this moment). Our product line consists of organization items. A recipe keeper/book, planners, calendars, and some cute knicks and knacks. We just took on a wedding too, so we may be adding wedding planning to our repertoire.

As for this blog, we invite you to share in this journey (sorry to wax poetic) of starting up LMNOP. This could be amazing. This could also be a massive fail. Let’s hope for amazing.  

Where: A desert wasteland in Arizona. So. Not. True. I’m hoping for all of my out-of-state friends that this blog will prove to you that where we live is a really neat place and you will come visit me. I would say “more” but you don’t even come. Just skip May through November…

When: Three posts a week. A post by me (M) and a post by L weekly should be expected. I will post on Tuesdays. L posts on Thursdays. Saturdays we will post our explore AZ with Living Social feature. It’s gonna be a good time.

Why: As a dear five year old once said, “Because because”. We like this stuff a whole lot and chances are likely (practically guaranteed) we’d do this even if we didn’t tell the whole world about it.

Thank you for reading and supporting! And welcome! See you soon!



  1. Sweet! I'm waiting for more to come.

  2. I feel like I know the big secret because I know who L and M are.