Jul 21, 2011

a post by L

Hello, hello! 

As M mentioned, I (L) will be blogging on Thursdays and since today is indeed Thursday, lo and behold, here are the humble beginnings of my blogging career. To give you a little insight into my personality, the only piece of advice that M gave me before starting this blog post was that I "may want to invent a sarcasm font and/or punctuation mark." Well, now you know. I'm a fairly highly sarcastic individual but I'll try my best to alert everyone when that time rolls around since there is no universal sarcasm font and sometimes satirical humor is lost over the interwebs. 

I'll probably be using my blog posts to bring you some things that inspire me (and hopefully inspire you, too), some DIY projects and how-to's on crafty things that I come up with and make in my "studio." Speaking of, I had every intention of giving you guys a li'l tour of the studio today but somehow this week managed to get away from me and all my best intentions flew out the window along with my spare time. 

So instead, here's a little sneak peak of some posts to come to whet your appetite for my Thursday posts (please, please, please excuse the poor quality of the pics, a digital SLR camera has been on my "need list" for, pretty much, ever). Enjoy and see you next week!


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